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Apple iPad Air 4/5 10.9" / iPad Pro 11" Standard Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Curved Round Edge)

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Compatible with:

iPad Air 4 / 4th Gen (2020) [WIFI Only] A2316
iPad Air 4 / 4th Gen (2020) [WIFI + Cellular] A2324/A2325/A2072

iPad Air 5 / Air 5th Gen (2021) [WIFI Only] A2588 
iPad Air 5 / Air 5th Gen (2021) [WIFI + Cellular] A2589, A2591

iPad Pro 11" 1st Gen (2018) [WIFI Only] A1980
iPad Pro 11" 1st Gen (2018  [WIFI + Cellular] A1934/A1979/A2013

iPad Pro 11" 2nd Gen (2020) [WIFI Only] A2228
iPad Pro 11" 2nd Gen (2020) [WIFI + Cellular] A2068/A2230/A2231

iPad Pro 11" 3rd Gen M1-Chip (2021) [WIFI Only] A2377
iPad Pro 11" 3rd Gen M1-Chip (2021) [WIFI + Cellular] A2459/A2301/A2460


iPad Pro 4 / 4th Gen 11” M2-Chip (2022) [WIFI Only] A2759
iPad Pro 4 / 4th Gen 11” M2-Chip (2022) [WIFI+Cellular] A2435/A2761/A2762



  • Advanced Clarity - designed to work flawlessly with the enhanced optics of your device’s screen. Its 100% clarity rating means high-definition screen protection that’s so clear, you won’t even know it’s there.
  • Stronger & Tougher - Made of top standard 2.5D 9H-Hardness Tempered Glass hardness glass with Explosion-proof Shield
  • Anti-Scratch - 9H hardness scratch-resistant, protect the screen from the scratches.
  • Delicate Touch, Perfect Adhesion, Oleophobic Coating, Rounded Border, Real Glass, Shatter-proof, Mirror Function
  • Advanced Fitting Technology of Anti-static Alicia Membrane - Easily Fits and Dismantles
  • High Safety Coefficient - Pasted with Bursting Disk to Prevent Glass Shattering into Small Shards For Your Safety
  •  Slim Tempered Glass Made By High Technical Process
  • Curved round edge cutting method, make edge more smooth ant not cracked easily 
  • Case Friendly Screen protector and compatible with any case.