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COTEetCI Nylon Magic Tape 20mm/22mm Adjustable Soft Breathable Sport Replacement Wristbands Strap

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COtEetCI Magic Tape??Samsung Gear Watch Band Strap

-Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 41mm
-Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 40mm
-Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (Galaxy Watch Active2 40mm Galaxy Watch Active2 44mm)
-Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm
-Samsung Gear S2 Classic Watch (SM-R732 & SM-R735)
-Fit any watch with 20mm lugs (including: compatible with Huawei Watch 2/2 Pro/Huawei Watch 2 Sport/Garmin Vivoactive 3/Vivomove HR etc.)
Note: Please check your watch model before buy it.

-Fits 6.5" -9.1"(165mm-230mm)wrist.
???Simply move the closure to adjust it to the exact size of your wrist. Free size for both women and man in most occasions.

Description :

COtEetCI?? Magic Tape Watch Band Braided nylon strap that comes with a simple design, but with a modern look in the style of the brand COtEetCI. This model uses good quality nylon fiber through colorful interchangeability. Outstanding and strong For those who like stylish lines, sleek and beautiful This version is recommended.

Braided nylon cord is another neat version that is designed to appeal to people who like cloth straps specifically. This model comes with a special soft nylon touch, so it is very suitable for people who exercise or play sports on a regular basis, because the cable has a very light weight and does not delay the wrist.
Design like a line, similar to the Sport Loop, which is not only suitable for sport or exercise. Some colors can also be worn as casual styles, semi-formal look as well. It is worth it because if in one day you have to do a lot of activities, put this line all the time without changing at all.
Special than other models because there are 9 colors to choose from. The colors are smooth, prominent colors or official colors are available. Ensure that you wear and look good in every hand, both men and women, of course.


The strength of this line is that the nylon material that has been woven into the fibers is beautifully detailed, allowing the wire with a mesh-like structure that has a small gap between each strand. Thus allowing the cable to have a special feature that can drain moisture out faster than when compared to conventional cables Now, no matter how cool you are in sports The wire will dry quickly and help to reduce the smell.
And each line will not use only one color of nylon fiber, but will bring many fibers to knit alternately until it has a line with a dimension of colors that look more beautiful.

Short Description :

- The cord is made from braided nylon that is beautifully woven.
- The design is like a nylon mesh, which helps to ventilate the air when wet, sweat or water.
- Nylon touch gives a soft fabric feel. Therefore comfortable to wear, does not irritate the skin
- The curved cable is well connected to the wrist. Plus a very light weight Therefore do not delay the wrist when wearing
- The lock is a fastening style. Can be locked tightly, not easily broken
- The line can adjust many lengths. So can wear both people with small wrists and big wrists
- Easy to wear and remove from the housing And locked with the housing firmly
- When wearing, exercising or playing sports frequently May cause moisture and odors to accumulate which is normal in the fabric fibers So should be cleaned as well

Product Specification :

Brand: COTEetCI??
Model Name: W17 Magic Tape Watch Band